Replacement Parts & Repairs


At Coiltek we understand that purchasing new equipment for your plant is an investment. That's why we build our units to last for the long haul. It’s also the reason we strive to keep all components of our units in stock, allowing you to replace or repair damaged equipment quickly and easily.

We stock new boards for all of our units. New boards come with a one year warranty as of their ship date. All boards undergo a rigorous testing and burn-in process to assure that only quality boards are put into the field.

We also stock all the cables, stands, and other parts that one might require to rebuild or update a unit.

At this time, repairs are limited to our CB-5501M main boards. We no longer repair range boards (CB-5101R-1 or CB-5101R-2) or the older style main boards (CB-5101M). If you have questions about whether your board can be repaired, please take a photo of it and send it to us. If you would like to send us a CB-5501M main board for repair, please call us for an RMA number, return shipping instructions and pricing. You will need to enclose a purchase order with the board(s) that includes clear shipping instructions and contact information. We reserve the right to refuse any repairs that do not include a purchase order.

For more information on this or any other unit including up-to-date pricing, please contact us.

Replacement Part List:

  • CB-5101L Range Card

    Laser replacement card for CB-5101R, R1, R2 Ultrasonic cards (see below). View CB-5101-L page for more information.

  • CB-5101R2 Range Card
    CB-5101R2 Range Card

    This is the sensor circuit board for CS-5000/CS-5100 Ultrasonic Loop Control Systems. It is an updated replacement for any CB-5101R, CB-5000R, CB-5101R1 card (see below).

    CB-5101R1 Range Card
    CB-5101R Range Card
  • CB-5501M control board

    This is the main control board for Coiltek’s CS-5000 and CS-5100 series controls. Operation of this card is described in the CS-5000/CS-5200 Manual. Sold as a constituent in all current loop control systems, it is also a form, fit and function replacement for older CB5101M cards (see below).

    CB5101M control board
    Older CB-5101M control board
  • CB-6200 processor card

    This is the main (processor) card for the CS-6200 system. It is the replacement card for CS-6100 systems which use the same coaxial cable and sensing head.

    CB-6100 processor card
    Older CB-6100 card
  • CS-5000 cables

    The CS-5000/CS-5100 series control use a 9 conductor cable to connect the main board with the range card. These rarely fail, but we have them in stock at all times. The stocked cable lengths are 5 feet, 7 feet, 8 feet, 10 feet, 15 feet, 20 feet. The standard cable for the CS-5100 is 15 feet. The part number for any cable in this series is CA-5000-xx where xx = cable length in feet.

    The CS-6200 control requires a coaxial cable. There is only one size – 20 feet. Part number is CA-6200-20.

  • LED assembly light
    LED Assembly

    This is a Red/Green sensor indicator light for CS-5000/CS-5100 systems. Part number is L10008-ND


If you believe that your board is under warranty and need to return or replace it, please contact the original supplier of the board and work through them to obtain a new board. As always, most warranty exchanges will not require any payment on the part of the end user.