Special Systems

In the past, Coiltek has designed and built custom winding and strip handling systems for numerous production lines. Currently, our focus is exclusively on loop control systems. Our standard products fulfill most customer needs. However, we occasionally build systems to address customer needs that go beyond our standard loop control systems.

Special system by Coiltek

Above is a system we built using two of our CS-6200 systems and a small PLC. One CS-6200 measures the loop, the second monitors the radius of a stock coil. The PLC is used to calculate a gain increase as the coil dwindles.

Below is an example where the customer wanted to retrofit a small winder with a small DC gearmotor. They simply wanted to replace the dancer control and the complicated switch gear and opted for this system. This enclosure consisted of a small DC drive and simple switches to control either JOG or RUN modes. It was purchased along with one of our standard CS-5000 stands.

Rearick picture 1: special system by Coiltek
Rearick picture 2: special system by Coiltek

Our extensive years of building custom systems has given us knowledge of how production equipment works. If we can help with a need that goes beyond our standard product, call or email us with your application.