CS-5103 Three Transducer Sensing Head

CS-5103 system

The CS-5103 is a variant of Coiltek’s CS-5100 line of ultrasonic loop controls. The main control board in the CS-5103 is identical to those used in the CS-5000/CS-5100, so set-up and features of our other loop control systems are retained.

The significant difference between the CS-5100 and the CS-5103 is the sensor head. To detect very small or narrow targets, a more powerful acoustic transmission is needed – more than the standard CS-5100 provides. To get the stronger burst without over-taxing the electronic components, 2 extra transducers are added. They only produce the ultrasonic burst (along with the center transducer) to increase the sound pressure level of the transmission. The echo return reception is handled by the center transducer only.

With this approach, targets as small as 0.12” (3mm) may be reliably detected at distances out to 5 feet (1.5M). Viable echo return is predicated to some degree on the surface finish and presentation of the target material. If you are running very small tubing, wire, strip or stranded product, please send us a sample of it and we’ll test to make sure the CS-5103 will work for you.

The CS-5100 manual covers set-up and wiring for this product. See a zipped drawing file for both 2D and 3D drawings. For more information on this or any other unit including potential pricing, please contact us.