Coiltek’s CS-5100 is a repackaging of the reliable and accurate ultrasonic sensing electronics of the workhorse CS-5000 series control. Configured as a sensing head connected to a control housing, this version of the non-contact loop control must be mounted on an existing framework. Like the CS-5000, it is tailored for the specific purpose of slack loop control. By sensing the height of the stock, the CS-5100 controls the replenishment of the loop by the feed device (straightener, decoiler, puller, etc.). Set up in ‘take-up’ mode, it can also control a downstream device, such as a rewind stand.


  • Super-easy Setup: Takes mere seconds. Push-button set-up or via USB with computer.
  • Works with many different types of materials: Metals, Plastic Extrusions, Rubber, Mesh products, Fabric, etc.
  • Simple two screw mounting to existing stand or framework.
  • Flexible: May be used very close to the sensor with control ranges from 5 inches (125mm) to 70 inches.
  • Using free CSWin software, the control range may be as small as 1 inch and as large as 200 inches.
  • Useful feature set: allows the user to tailor control to the application.
  • Multiple Program Set-ups: Up to seven distinct preset loop control profiles may be stored. Allows multiple tailored loop control algorithms to be instantly employed as required. Our 3CPO option allows quick operator control over presets.
  • Two or more may be used in close proximity: Simple multiplex setup eliminates crosstalk.

For a more complete picture of the CS-5100's capabilities please see our downloadable pamphlet or view the manual. Both 2D and 3D drawings are available for this product line. 2D drawings are in .dxf format, 3D drawings in .step format. Download a zipped collection of files for the CS-5100.

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