Conflict Minerals Policy

CB-5101R-1 Rangecard

Coiltek® strives to be a responsible actor in the global community. That's why it is our policy to avoid the use of minerals from conflict zones, such as the Democratic Republic of Congo and surrounding countries, in our products. By sourcing our components from responsible vendors that manufacture parts using ethically obtained minerals we are able to ensure that our supply chain remains free from conflict minerals.

Our Declaration

All Coiltek® products manufactured after 2014 are RoHS compliant.

Coiltek® products may contain:

Tantalum: The capacitors used on our boards contain this mineral. However, we chose to use Kemet capacitors exclusively due to their policy regarding the use of minerals from conflict zones. Click to view the Kemet mineral policy.

Gold: There is a very thin gold film on our ultrasonic transducers, which are produced by SensComp. Click to view SensComp’s statement regarding conflict minerals.

Additionally there is a gold element exclusive to the CS-6200 (formerly the CS-6100) series of ultrasonic controls. This part is manufactured by Crown Electronics, which certifies that its parts are not created using conflict minerals. Click to view Crown Electrics verification.

Tin: Our products are made using Kestor solder. Click to view Kestor’s compliance statement.