CSWin32 Software
Our CSWin32 Software is an excellent addition to your loop control set-up. We have designed it to help easily and quickly set-up your unit with up to 7 presets. For tech support or questions about the software please call (800) 883-7542.

This software is free to download below. Please read the descriptions and examine the pictures of our new CB-5501M board and older-stye CB-5101M to determine which board your unit contains, as this will determine which version of the software is compatable with your unit.
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Some customers running Windows 7 on a 64 bit processor have reported having problems getting the software to work with their systems. If you experience this issue, we recomend that you visit the link below to learn about setting up a Windows XP virtual machine on your computer, which will allow the software to work.
We have created two tutorials (linked below) to help you learn to use the many facets of the CSWin32 software quickly and easily. In the first tutorial you will find everything from the very basics of how to connect to the software through the deepest capabilities of the program. In the second tutorial, you will find a brief addendum to the first tutorial, which covers COMM setup and Summing and Scaling.
*Please read the set-up text file at left before attempting to download this software.*
*Please read the set-up text file at left before attempting to download this software.*
CSWin32 Software for CB-5501M
The new CB-5501M mainboard for the CS-5000 and CS-5100 series ultrasonic loop controls is standard on all models shipped on or after August 25th, 2013.
Any replacement boards shipped on or after this date will also be this model.
If this is the model of board in your unit, please click the photo at left to download the new version of our CSWin32 software after reading the file linked below.
CSWin32 Software for CB-5501M
In our older CS-5000 and CS-5100 units, you will find an older version of our mainboard, the CB-5101M.
If you purchased your unit before July of 2013, please follow the directions below, then click on the photo at left to download the proper version of our CSWin32 software for use with the CB-5101M board.