In the Manuals section you can browse, read online, and download for later use the full selection of our operating manuals for the CS-5000 and CS-5100, as well as the CS-6200 series ultrasonic loop controls. You can also find the guide to using our NEW CB-5501M board in this section.
In the Software section, you can download a free copy of our CS-Win32 software. With this tool you can easily and quickly set-up your loop control, set multiple presets, and save to file and your mainboard.
In the Touble-Shooting section you will find a Loop Graph and information on Creep and Ground issues.
Brochures & Marketing Materials
Looking for a way to show your customers the advantages of ultrasonic controls? Visit the Brochures & Marketing Materials section to find all the information you and your customers will need to choose the right system to fit your needs.
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